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Nashville Greek Festival

September 6 - 8, 2019 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

The Nashville Greek Festival offers a rich, multi-sensory experience of Greek hospitality and culture. Savory cuisine, soulful music, lively dancing, and educational tours transform the church grounds at 4905 Franklin Pike into a three-day glendi. Come experience our heritage for yourself and be a part of this year's Nashville Greek Festival.


"It's Greek Fest time in Tennessee"


For over three decades, the Greek Orthodox Christian community has opened its doors to host one of Nashville’s landmark cultural events, the Nashville Greek Festival. 

Give us an afternoon or an evening and we’ll give you a Taste of Greece.



Greeks invented the original food and wine festival thousands of years ago, and still celebrate with feasts known as paniyri or glendi, enjoying the bounty of Greece’s mainland and islands.


Our cooks know all the secrets to fine Greek cuisine. Much like Yiayia's house, there’s always a plentiful supply of delicious food items available and you can bet there’s plenty enough for seconds (and thirds).

Enjoy small plates of mezze before your meal, sample wines, feast on traditional dishes like spanakopita or street food like gyros and greek-style fries. And don’t forget to save room for dessert - from the airy, hot loukoumades served in our kafenion, to the baklava, kourabiedes, and more in our pastry shop (available for take-out).

Whether in search of a fun night-out, a romantic date night, or relaxed family dinner - Nashville’s Taste of Greece has the centuries-old recipes and smiling chefs to please all foodies.

Dancing & Entertainment

Come and see live Greek music with authentic PLUS festive traditional Greek dance performances. Once the sun goes down, put on your dancing shoes and give Greek dancing a try yourself!


Perfect gyros? ✅

Fresh Greek Salad? ✅

Greek beer? ✅

Delicious baklava? ✅

But how do you burn off all those calories? Dancing, of course!

If our bountiful food tents find their roots in the ancient version of today’s pop-up restaurant or hot truck, then our kefi - passion and joy in the moment - draws on a rich heritage of village feasts (paniyiri), wedding parties, and even warrior’s preparations.

This year’s entertainment line-up features performances of all ages on the main stage, including traditional bouzouki, and of course, Greek dancing. Our award-winning dance troupe shares the folk dances and costumes of different regions and islands, and asks you to join in some of the world’s oldest dance traditions - from the Kalamatianos to the famous Tsamikos.


The various gift stores are a shopper’s paradise, filled with a variety of Greek items – imported treasures, authentic Greek clothing, paintings, ceramics, copper, books, icons, jewelry, gold, handcrafted items, and much much more.


Since ancient times, the Greek town square was a gathering place, where traders and craftsmen would noisily ply their goods and barter for the best price. Today, Athens’ Monastiraki features one of the most famous open-air marketplaces in the world. You can still find classic and modern ceramics, woven cloth, beaded necklaces, and handmade craftsmanship there, below the hill of the Acropolis.

Explore Nashville’s version of the Agora where merchants showcase bright and beautiful imported trinkets, so you’ll remember your own Taste of Greece at home.

 Orthodox Culture and Faith

The Greek Orthodox Church throughout the centuries has wrought deeply the Greek culture and tradition.  As Greeks emigrated throughout the world, they brought their culture and Orthodox Christianity with them.  

Home to the largest Orthodox Christian parish in Tennessee, Holy Trinity is attended by Orthodox Christians of every ethnic background. Designed in the traditional Byzantine architectural style, the church is modeled on the Church of Sozon in Pireaus, Greece. The interior decoration of the church, of which the first phase is complete, is typical of Orthodox design.

Lectures open to attendees are hosted periodically during the Nashville Greek Festival. Guests can learn about our rich 2,000-year-old faith as they view the beautiful iconography.


We thank our many sponsors, who make the advanced planning, expenses and start-up of each year’s festival possible. Without their generosity, many popular features would not be possible.

The Greek Festival has always been a labor of love. It is managed by members of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and wouldn’t be possible with their hard work and the sponsorship of several local and corporate entities. Proceeds from the festival go to support the church’s building fund and also enrich the culture of the community.

Thank you for supporting the Nashville Greek Festival!